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domenica 22 dicembre 2013

Video: Il ruolo di (RISO&SORRISO) WP - Video: The (RISO&SORRISO) WP role

Buon pomeriggio e buona domenica a tutti,

come promesso qualche giorno fa, sono a rimettervi di seguito la ripresa video, inerente il mio discorso introduttivo all'evento "L'abito giusto oggi... Un bel matrimonio domani!" organizzato lo scorso 24 Novembre, col quale ho ritenuto opportuno spiegare (seppur brevemente, per maggiori informazioni e richieste di preventivo non esitate a contattarmi telefonicamente o ad inviarmi una e-mail a : chi è e che cosa fa la Wedding Planner, qual'è il suo ruolo nell'ambito dell'organizzazione di un matrimonio o di un qualsiasi altro tipo di evento.

Engl.- Good afternoon everybody,

as promised a few days ago, here as following you can find the video, regarding my introduction speech for the event "The right bride's dress today... An amazing wedding tomorrow!" organized last November 24th, with which I thought it proper to explain (even though briefly, for further informations and requests do not hesitate to contact me by phone or sending an e-mail to : who is the Wedding Planner and what she does, which is her role in the wedding or event planning.

Cliccate sul seguente link per guardare il video: 
Click on this link to watch the video :

A questo punto, avete ancora dubbi sull'utilità del rivolgersi ad una Wedding Planner per l'organizzazione del vostro matrimonio ? :-)

For all my foreign followers : the video is in Italian language, so I am going to translate it in English for your understanding. : 

--> Introduction of myself, as RISO & SORRISO Wedding-Event Planner. Explanation of the Wedding Planner role, who guarantees the bride and groom-to-be a precious support to help them realizing their dream.

I wanted to make a preliminary remark : the bride and groom are and remain the undisputed protagonists of the wedding day.
Therefore I act as an INTERMEDIARY between them and the suppliers, I am "hired" by the couple so I will act in its interest, trying to obtain profitable conditions from the suppliers.

Above all, I will make the couple saving time and stress, taking care of phone calls, visits of the suppliers that more suit its tastes and requests, valuing the best quality-price ratio. I think highly of the saving time factor : as wp actually, according  to the requests, I already have a selection of valid and long experience suppliers that I will propose the couple (though putting anyone under no obligation, if requested we can consider others together); anyway, the couple in its own would have probably concentrated the visits in the week-ends, or should have asked days off work to meet the suppliers : with the wp all that can be avoided, I (wp) take care of everything.

Moreover, I will take care of the economic aspect monitoring payments, as well as the (Wedding) Day-Of coordination of all the suppliers, so that everything proceeds as established.

I gave then a few useful advices --At the 1st meeting, the wp needs to have the following informations from the couple:
  • a summary of their expectations, tastes, preferences, what do they wish for their wedding day
  • number of guests that will attend the reception
  • an idea of the budget, that is to say the total amount they are willing to invest in their wedding (or event) planning. 

Every wedding is unique and exclusive, so the wp will make only personalized, couple-made estimates : this is the reason why it is important for her to have as much details and informations as possibile, so that the couple could mirror in its own wedding/event organization.

Having said that, after the 1st meeting where the "ice will be broken", between the couple and the wp will set in a relationship of cooperation, trust and friendship. She will support the couple, and will be available at any time. The wp has a very flexible timetable.

When I was about to end up my speech, I remembered any bride-to-be that the wedding day is auspicious to wear : 
Something OLD (as respect for the tradition)
Something NEW (as projection towards the future)
Something BORROWED (as symbol of another bride's happiness)
Something BLUE (which, following an ancient belief, symbolizes purity and fidelity)

Any more doubts about hiring a Wedding Planner for your own wedding planning ? :-)

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