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lunedì 14 aprile 2014

FAQ - Wedding List

- English version of the previous post "FAQ-La lista di nozze"- 
Good morning everybody,

I take the opportunity to publish this post to reply to a recent request received by a couple : "about the wedding list, which are the possible options?"
Ours is a case of a couple who has already been living together, with a teenage son, who because of various reasons, will postpone the honeymoon to a date to be fixed, so the wedding list in a Travel Agency is probably one of the options to be excluded. 

Generally, for the wedding list, tradition used since the Middle Ages when the bride and bridegroom-to-be went to their respective parents' home to gather the presents, there are many options, among them the two most popular ones for some time are : 

- specialist shops in gifts sale (the most requested gifts are domestic and fancy goods, such as sets of cutlery, pots, house's accessories, but also electrical household appliances and high-tech devices) - OPTIMAL SOLUTION FOR COUPLES WHO'S NOT BEEN LIVING TOGETHER YET;
- Travel Agencies, who can draw up a tailor-made honeymoon, according to your taste, need (group or individual tour) and budget (you can consider the number of guests who will attend the reception, and consequently about the total that probably will be paid by them) - SOLUTION FOR COUPLES WHO HAVE ALREADY BEEN LIVING TOGETHER (AND FOR THOSE WHO HAVEN'T, TOO).

As a further suggestion you can choose from libraries to specialist shops in lighting/fitting sale; in favour of an investment for an hobby or a planned purchase of some importance, etc. You just have to come to an agreement with the supplier (the Wedding Planner can help you), in order to make sure that this purchase could be divided into parts for the guests.

Therefore, there are multiple solutions for the wedding list, the Bon Ton has gone with the times, but pay attention to "slip", for example by inserting your bank account number inside the invitation...How to do otherwise? Do contact me writing to:, I would be glad to help you!

5 months ahead Fill in the wedding list (or begin to think about the destination for the honeymoon and a general idea about the itinerary);
3 months ahead Register your wedding list (or book the honeymoon in a Travel Agency. From 3 to 2 months ahead, if you have chosen to go abroad, do verify if you have to ask for any permission for the honeymoon and check if your passport and papers are in order).

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