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sabato 13 aprile 2013

Parlano di Riso&Sorriso! - People are talking about Riso&Sorriso!

Buongiorno a tutti!

La consulente d'immagine Silvia Silleros di CRISALIDEA (, che ha partecipato a "Il Galateo della cena romantica" lo scorso 5 Aprile, serata organizzata da Riso & Sorriso Wedding-Event Planner e condotta dal maestro di Bon Ton e Galateo Alberto Presutti, ci ha dedicato un post sul suo Blog, vi rimetto qui di seguito il link :   

ENGLISH __ Good morning everybody!
Silvia Silleros, CRISALIDEA's Image Consultant (, who participated to the "Bon Ton romantic dinner" last 5th April, evening organized by Riso & Sorriso Wedding-Event Planner and conducted by the Bon Ton master Alberto Presutti, dedicated one post of her Blog to us, here is the link :
For all my foreign readers --> I'm going to translate the post in English for you :
Bon Ton seems to be a retro word disused or yet, obsolete. Those who think so, maybe do not know what does this word mean or may include.
The romantic Bon Ton dinner organized on 5th April by Riso&Sorriso Wedding-Event Planner at Villa Scarfantoni and conducted by the Bon Ton master Alberto Presutti has been more than a simple 'retro' to-do-list.
One room and a table set for the occasion with simple and perfect decorations, with a restricted number of participants and a detailed programme : a welcome and an introduction by the Master, then the appetizer, and alternated Bon Ton remarks and main courses.
Also the menu had been studied with attention and the main courses combined with the subject discussed. Noteworthy the risotto with pear and Gorgonzola cheese exalted by that small note of black pepper.
Two quiz with two prizes to be won. Just to point out that the Bon Ton is not to be taken for granted, one of the two prizes has not won by any of the participants.
Play and educational evening. To those who are still convinced of the Bon Ton obsolete contents, please know that behind more or less known and obvious rules, there are behaviour and language concepts which request a certain self-awareness and self-control.
Eventually, the application of its ironic aspect may give a positive turning point to an evening and consolidate the couple.
' We have been together for twenty years we do not need it ', some of my readers might think. By my personal experience I totally disagree. It is just the risk of everyday life and 'too much' intimacy or acquaintance that may damage the couple.
Remembering some good manners or simply hearing them again creates new incitements and improvement cues.  "

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